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    261 Country Club Rd.
    Allen, TX 75002

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    • Sundays | 8:30am | Traditional Worship
    • Sundays | 11:00am | Contemporary Worship
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How To Use The Form

In order to help organize and streamline the communications throughout the church, and community, we will be implementing a Communications Request process.

Please allow 2WEEKS for graphic needs and up to 6 WEEKS for videos/announcements.

Please fill out the request form as thoroughly as possible to prevent delays.

Our goal is to help you communicate effectively to the church. Help us help you.

Why Do We Need All This Time?

To prevent having to rush the development of communication resources, limit errors, and allow for any rework, it's important to give as much time as you can to this process.

The more we get ahead of the events, and other items, the better things get.

Why Do I Need To Fill Out A Separate Form For Each Item?

Having a separate form for each item allows for better scheduling of work-flow.

If the same information is needed on several different outlets, you only need to fill the form out one time and select a different radio button for each form. 

Each type of communication has different requirements of size, information, and layout. Keeping track of one form that covers all of those avenues can be confusing. Having a form for each item, keeps things organized and actually makes the work go faster.

What Happens After The Form Is Submitted?

The information from the form will be scheduled from a work-flow perspective.

Once the work is complete, the form will be initialled and returned to your physical mailbox for your records. 

What If The Form Is Incomplete?

Incomplete forms will be returned to the person who submitted it so it can be finished.

This can delay work because other items will be coming into the queue.

How Do I Save The File?

The first step is to download the form to your computer. Don't try to fill out the form in the browser. Instead, once it is downloaded, you can open it separately and fill out the form. Once it's filled out, go to File, Save - and it will ask for a new filename.

What If I Have Questions?

If you have any questions about the form, communications in general, or need clarification on specific requests, contact Patrick O'Connor.