What is Discipleship?

Being a disciple of Jesus is a life-long journey.  At Creekwood we think of the discipleship journey in 2 phases: “Growing Deep Roots” and “Sharing God’s Love.”  “Growing Deep Roots” is a time to grow closer and more invested in the vine of God’s love and experience the joy of Christ personally.  “Sharing God’s Love” is a time of recognizing that God’s Holy Spirit is working within and through you, calling you to stretch out of your own individual comfort zone in order to bless others.

Our discipleship is hardly ever a simple, linear pathway, but at Creekwood, we’ve developed some key spiritual milestones for you to consider as you take your next step in faith.

Discipleship Laity
Discipleship Leaders


The first step of any journey is simply saying “yes.”  This could be a “yes” to Christ or visiting a church with a friend, or it could be a “yes” to try out a ministry opportunity you’ve been nervous to be a part of.  Every disciple has to say “yes” at some point.

Opportunities of Invitation

Opportunities of Invitation:

Growing Deep Roots

  • Join us for worship. You can find our worship times here.
  • Sign up for our newsletter. Pay attention to opportunities to try something new.
  • Join us for our quarterly Welcome Lunch
  • Explore Baptism and what it means to follow Jesus.


Sharing God’s Love

  • Invite a friend to worship, a small group, or a service opportunity alongside you.
  • Share your story of why you follow Jesus with someone.
  • Be a Greeter or Usher on Sunday morning to welcome people with the love of God.
  • Serve on the AV Squad to broadcast the message of Christ to the world.


After we have said “yes” to an invitation, we have to be open to explore the possibilities.  At Creekwood, we value those who ask questions, desire to learn, and aren’t satisfied with simple answers.  We also value those who don’t rush to snap judgments and allow themselves time to truly experience what they have said “yes” to.  As you move from Invitation to Exploring, commit to an opportunity for a minimum of 3 encounters, with 6 being a better goal.  Allow yourself permission to not know everything, to learn something new, and to learn about those whom you are doing ministry with.  Through an open heart and an open mind, God can do powerful things in your life.

Opportunities of Exploration

Opportunities of Exploration:

Growing Deep Roots

  • As an adult, try a small group on Sunday morning or during the week.
  • As a student or kid, try the age-appropriate ministry groups.
  • Serve with a mission opportunity 3-6 times.
  • Commit to reading your Bible daily. Send questions you have to one of the pastors.

Sharing God’s Love

  • Lead others in what you have learned (ex: a class, a greeter team, a mission opportunity, etc.)
  • Intentionally ask questions to newer people in order to gain new ideas.
  • Read a theologian or Bible commentary that you have never read before.
  • Meet with someone of a different racial, ethnic, gender, or socio-economic background and ask them about their experience with Christ and the church.


The more we explore and learn, the more we often grow in Compassion because we are open to experiences of God beyond our own selves.  As you experience God through other people, hear their stories of faith and how the Bible speaks to them, a disciple should at least grow in grace for those who are different than them.  As grace grows, a disciple should grow in mercy towards those who are hurting and struggling, and at our fullest extent of following Christ, we should recognize moments where our human preferences limit the fullest glory of God’s justice.

Opportunities of Compassion

Opportunities of Compassion:

Growing Deep Roots

  • Volunteer to take a meal to someone who is hurting.
  • Participate in “Share the Love” events.
  • Be a part of the Care Team
  • Make a point to address or ask questions of other people’s needs before giving your opinion on them.
  • Attend an interfaith dinner.

Sharing God’s Love

  • Host a short-term group to help those who are hurting the same way you have experienced hurting.
  • Sign up to receive the prayer needs e-mail list.
  • Spend time with those in the hospital, rehab clinic, or long-term care facilities.
  • Explore the idea of “justice” in collaboration with compassion.


Compassion leads to Generosity.  The more that we Explore and grow in Compassion towards the needs of our family, friends, communities, and world, the more driven we will be to freely and willingly give our time and resources to improve the lives of those around us.  Generosity is what Jesus exhibits on the cross as he freely and willingly gave his life for ours and is the highest ideal of the Christian life.  To share one’s time, money, talents, and intelligence for the good of others is what God desired as the defining characteristic of Israel and the church in Acts.

Opportunities of Generosity

Opportunities of Generosity:

Growing Deep Roots

  • Serve as part of one of our missions.
  • Give financially to the church, working towards a tithe (10% of your income).
  • Offer your services to help with a team, committee, or as part of worship.

Sharing God’s Love

  • Lead a mission team.
  • Give at a tithing level.
  • Lead a ministry of the church.

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