History And Values

Creekwood’s history and values are found here. Does anyone want to read the entire history on the website? We didn’t think so. That’s why we’ve made a convenient, pdf document. Go ahead and download it so you can read it at your convenience. Have questions? Reach out to us using the form on the Contact Page.

How our history and values affect our mission

Scriptural education, relationship-based mission opportunities, and faith-centered fellowship.

Hope leads hearts and minds to the love of Jesus Christ. Ours is an open, loving community. Creekwood’s foundation is based on education, mission, and faith-centered fellowship. We welcome you to this authentic, worshipful community.

Join us in growing deep roots to share God’s love.

A Bit About Our History And Beliefs…

Get a copy of the brief history of Creekwood by clicking on the button below..

Brief History

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The Past, Present, and Future

Creekwood’s history and values are important to us.

We are a congregation that is constantly changing. It could be property upgrades or the style of worship that’s offered. Small groups or a new mission focus area keep us. evolving.

We keep some strong traditions, but we’re always looking forward.