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Welcome to #YouMatter!

#YouMatter is our focus from January thru May 2023. A reminder that God loves you with a love that can’t be duplicated here on earth.

If #YouBelong (Fall 2022) is a move from “personally anchored in God” to “corporately sharing God’s love with the community,” then #YouMatter will be a move from the “corporate baptismal vows we take” to “finding each person’s unique gifts from God.”

A journey from Baptism to finding our Spiritual Gifts.


#YouMatter is a semester-long program beginning in January 2023 and going thru May 2023. Everything we are doing at Creekwood United Methodist Church is connected in some way to #YouMatter.

Whether you are:

  • joining us at worship or online
  • attending a Sunday school class or small group
  • participating in a Bible Study
  • or engaging on social media

you can expect to go thru a journey of discovery.

From January thru May, we’ll journey thru a process that has four phases

  • Rediscovering Baptism – understanding that #YouMatter to God and you are a child of God. An heir to the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • Amazing Grace (Why God Matters To You and You Matter To God)

Join us on this journey of discovery. Grow a deeper understanding of your faith and where you are on your faith journey. Together, we can make a difference in our own lives and those around us.

If you’d like a copy of “Baptism To Discipleship”, please fill out this simple form below and a copy will be sent to your email.

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