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Welcome to #YouMatter!

#YouMatter was our focus from January thru May 2023. A reminder that God loves us with a love that can’t be duplicated here on earth.

If #YouBelong (Fall 2022) is a move from “personally anchored in God” to “corporately sharing God’s love with the community,” then #YouMatter is a move from the “corporate baptismal vows we take” to “finding each person’s unique gifts from God.”

A journey from Baptism to finding our Spiritual Gifts.


#YouMatter was a semester-long program beginning in January 2023 and going through May 2023. Everything we were doing at Creekwood United Methodist Church was connected in some way to #YouMatter.

Whether you are:

  • joining us at worship or online
  • attending a Sunday school class or small group
  • participating in a Bible Study
  • or engaging on social media

Expect to go through a journey of discovery.

  • Rediscovering Baptism – understanding that #YouMatter to God and you are a child of God. An heir to the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • Amazing Grace (Why God Matters To You and You Matter To God)A short dive into Wesleyan theology of grace with an emphasis on the “way of salvation” partnership between God and humans.
  • What Would Jesus Do?The vision of our church is to create influencers for Christ in the worldWe can often divide our spiritual life and our “normal” life, but Christ calls us to give our whole lives to the GospelWhile our 21st-century world and economy aren’t a 1 to 1 match for the Kingdom of Heaven, how can we be agents of Heaven in our spheres of influence? 
  • Now You See MeThe Resurrection sounds like a magic trickThe impossibility of rising from the dead causes disbelief in even the most ardent followersAnd yet many people see Jesus after they see him crucifiedWhere they once thought life was over, it springs back with even more hope than beforeNow, instead of just a movement for the moment, we see Jesus for who he is, a savior for eternity. 

This journey of discovery continues as we look at the spiritual gifts God gives us and how we apply them to everything we do.

For more information on spiritual gifts and how you can find yours, please visit the United Methodist Church Discipleship website for a spiritual gifts inventory you can download for yourself.

We look forward to hearing how you are using your gifts to help transform the world for Jesus.