Next Steps

Next Steps. Finding your place in the church.

Next Steps

Finding your place in the church and why it matters

At Creekwood United Methodist Church, we help people connect with others and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Each individual has their next step.

Creekwood offers:

  • A small group on Sunday morning before or after worship.
  • Bible studies or interest groups during the week.
  • Mission opportunities.

Through worship, studies, missions, and other church activities, you can find a connection, make the next step, and deepen your relationship with God.



Find Your Place

Find Your Place. Church

It can be overwhelming to walk into a church for the first time.

Speak with anyone on staff or visit the Welcome Center to find out how to get connected to a small group.

We’re here to help get you plugged in.

Lineart plate with utensils

We also offer new-ish people to the church, a Welcome Lunch where you can meet the pastors, in a casual setting, and get all your questions answered.

Please RSVP to this event.

These lunches happen quarterly.

Become A Member

New Members. Pastor with others joining a church.

Are you coming from another denomination or another United Methodist Church?

When you join Creekwood UMC, we will write to the church holding your membership and request a transfer. We can schedule a time for you to join the church during worship (or in private if you desire).

Are you coming to church for the first time?

You’ll meet with one of our pastors to go over what it means to be a member of Creekwood UMC. This is usually done during one of our quarterly Welcome Lunches.

Baptisms At Creekwood

Baptism at Creekwood UMC

If you are not a member of any church and you have been baptized:

You may join by the “profession of faith.” You will be invited to take the vows of church membership.

The vows for membership include an affirmation that you will support the church with your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

If you have never been baptized:

You may be baptized during a morning worship service or another agreed-upon location. Once baptized, you will take the vows of church membership, joining the church by the “profession of faith.”

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Contact Pastor David for more information.