Lay Discipleship

The Importance Of Lay Discipleship

Creekwood relies extensively on the servant discipleship of the laity. Here you can find the different roles and the responsibilities associated with them. If you are considering taking on a discipleship role at the church, this will be great information to consider.

Certain groups, as mandated by the UM Book of Discipline, aim for diversity. Lay discipleship works on certain criteria when nominating leaders to best serve the church. While we appreciate and value everyone’s input and participation, interest will not guarantee placement in a discipleship role.

Interested in Serving in a Lay Discipleship Role?

If you are interested in growing your faith through discipleship in the church, contact Pastor David and let him know which area you are interested in.

You can find out about different servant discipleship areas at Creekwood by clicking on one of the items below.



Supports the ministries of Creekwood that help children birth-4th grade experience deeper spiritual growth and a life-long desire to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Caitlin Maxwell Leads


A group that ensures persons in need of care and compassion receive the abundant love of God when they need it the most.


Meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

The team is tasked with recruiting, equipping, and empowering the laity of Creekwood to follow Jesus in real, tangible ways and use their gifts on the other teams to make ministry happen.

Lay Leader, Chair – Julie Stelly

Lay Leader, Vice-Chair – vacant

2024 – Julie Stelly, Chuck Mundy, Linda Pitts

2025 – Robert Dueck, Bill Bradford, Amber Gallimore, Kelly O-Hair

2026 – Lynn Partain, Hannah Heres, Melanie Reagan, Gay Kiser


The Missions Team plans, promotes and carries out serving opportunities that seek to build the Kingdom of God through long-term relationships with the people and organizations we partner with, both locally and globally.


Provides guidance and support for all ministry pertaining to students grades 5-12 and their families, in order that they might have an environment where students know they are loved by God, feel safe to explore their faith with peers and caring adults, and desire to put their faith into action through transformative ministry. To serve, contact lay leader Jen Waldrop or Pastor Keri Lynn.

Leadership Board

This is the governing board for the church. These people encompass Trustees, Finance, Staff/Parish Relations, and Church Council. It is composed of nine leaders of the laity along with the Senior Pastor.

Leadership Board:

Chair – Linda Judd

Vice Chair – Dusty Kuykendall

2024 – Julie Stelly, Linda Judd, Dave Compton

2025 – Joni Clarke, Dusty Kuykendall, Pete Heres

2026 – Melissa Wiley, Paul Pace, Janey Richardson

Senior Pastor – David Lessner

Associate Pastor – Keri Lynn Lucas

Business Manager – Rusty Nickols


Plan and implement the logistical details that make worship at Creekwood meaningful from the parking lot to the altar.