Advent Day 5
December 2, 2021 Creekwood United Methodist Church

Advent Day 5

Posted in Deep Thoughts
We asked some people at Creekwood to answer one of two questions:
“What is your favorite Christmas carol, and what does it tell you about God?”
“How do you hear God speaking in the world today?”
We hope you find hope, love, joy, and peace as you hear God speak through these daily devotional reflections.
Two of my favorite places to be are the beach and the mountains. I suppose the reason for that is the peace and calm that it brings to my inner self. As I sit in the quiet of the morning or evening, I can hear the whisper of the gentle breeze, the song of a bird in a nearby tree, a small child laughing and giggling, waves coming into the beach, leaves falling from the trees, or snow falling softly on the mountain, sunrises, and sunsets. Its’ a time and place for me to be still and listen. Listen for God speaking to me.
I believe God speaks to us in a multitude of ways: the Bible, prayer, through music that sometimes brings tears to our eyes, cries of a newborn baby, smiles from friends and strangers, the kind words and actions of others, and even in the silence. If we just slow down, breathe, and listen. Do you hear what I hear?
-Sandy Bottner