History And Values

What is the Mission of Creekwood UMC?

Growing Deep Roots To Share God’s Love.

What do we dream Creekwood UMC will look like?

A welcoming community that experiences and inspires spiritual maturity for all ages, but with a prioritization of future generations, through exploration, connection,
compassion, and generosity, with the objective of influencing all whom we meet, in all areas of our lives, with and towards the love of Jesus Christ.

What are the Core Values of CreekwoodUMC?



God’s Holy Spirit birthed a church out of many kinds of people. All gifts are necessary to the full witness of Christ’s church.

“The Body of Christ” means that following Jesus is not done in a vacuum but with others seeking the influence of Christ.

Members of Creekwood invite and welcome new relationships and seek to influence those inside and outside of the church with Christ’s love.

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At Creekwood, God’s ways are higher than ours. God’s wisdom is higher than ours.

Through Christ, we gain full revelation of God and through scripture. The inspired wisdom of God was collected by the Church, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Like Paul, we see through a mirror dimly. We know that becoming Christ-like is a journey. No matter what age or stage of life we are in, we are never done seeking the fullness of God in Christ Jesus.



We understand that everyone has been influenced by their past and their journey toward Christ will be influenced by that past.

We aim to influence others with the loving compassion of Christ.

We seek to welcome, listen, and understand before passing judgment.

We have compassion for those in physical and spiritual need.

We are welcoming – whether you are an established member or new to Creekwood.

Mission of Jesus


We have been influenced by the generosity of God, who humbly took on flesh, lived among us, healed many, taught compassion and mercy, and showed perfect love by giving himself fully on the cross.

He was raised on the third day, opening the abundance of eternal life and a life free from sin and death. All of this was given to us freely without price.

We know that generosity of spirit is part of who we were created to be, and who we are freed to be when we realize the abundance of God’s creation and love.

We aim to influence a “theology of enough” that promotes a life free from gluttony and free to share extravagantly.