Advent 2022: Doing God’s Work
December 17, 2022 Creekwood United Methodist Church

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Doing God’s Work in the Community

For those new to Creekwood, each Advent we invite a mixture of staff and laity of all ages to bless us with their devotional thoughts to a specific question. You’ll notice we are starting at “Day 2” because Day 1 was Sunday, and the message can be experienced in worship (in person and online). I hope these devotionals bless you each day, and help you envision the presence of Christ fully into your life.

The question this year:

“What do you think of when you hear the expression ‘Kingdom of God'”

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Sometimes when I hear “The Kingdom of God”, I think we will need to get to heaven to find out exactly what that is, however I don’t think any of us really needs to wait until then.  If we look around us, we can see his followers doing great things here on earth.  I think of all the people who are making a difference and bringing Joy and Happiness to those around them.  And I realize that we can experience the Kingdom of God here and now.

Even though there seems to be so much negativity and discourse in our world today, I look around Creekwood and can see many positive things that are being done every day.  We are making a difference in people’s lives throughout our community, as well as around the world.  Our focus on Missions to me is truly doing God’s work.  We are treating our neighbor as we would want to be treated, just as God has directed us to.  Whether it is inspiring teachers at Harper Elementary, serving meals at the Samaritan Inn, providing funding to improve lives through ZOE or my favorite – serving our friends in the area with Special Needs at Open Door. At Creekwood I believe the Kingdom of God is present every day.

Christie Hermann

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