November 14, 2021 Richard Taveira


Posted in Sermons

Barnabas isn’t invisible in the Christian tradition but certainly doesn’t get the credit of Paul, Peter, James, and the rest for the successful missionary journeys detailed in Acts.  But does it happen without him?  Acts 4:36 details Barnabas’ generosity and commitment through selling a field and giving the money, followed by Acts 9:27 where Paul wouldn’t have even been given an audience in Jerusalem without Barnabas’ recommendation.  Barnabas serves as a faithful 2nd in command of Paul’s journeys until a disagreement leads to them splitting ways.  As we continue to strive for growth, success, and all that we want in life, perhaps it’s important to remember who it is that enabled us to get where we are going.


Original Broadcast Date: November 14, 2021