Advent Day 19
December 16, 2021 Creekwood United Methodist Church

Advent Day 19

Posted in Deep Thoughts

We asked some people at Creekwood to answer one of two questions:
“What is your favorite Christmas carol,
and what does it tell you about God?”
“How do you hear God speaking in the world today?”
We hope you find hope, love, joy, and peace as you hear God speak through these daily devotional reflections.


In my short 14 years of life I’ve heard thousands of Christmas songs and carols already. However, there is one song that has stuck with me and continues to be my favorite. The song is “Mary Did You Know” and my favorite version is sung by Pentatonix. The song addresses Mary and talks about all the miracles Jesus would accomplish during his lifetime.

When we think of Christmas carols and songs, a lot of songs focus on the wonderfulness and the divineness of God and Jesus. The reason I like this song is because it not only talks about Jesus’ miracles, but also about how overwhelming and incredible it must have been for Mary to birth a child of God. The sixth stanza, in my opinion, has the most impactful lines of the whole song.

“Mary, did you know that your baby boy

Is Lord of all creation?

Mary, did you know that your baby boy

Would one day rule the nations?

Did you know that your baby boy

Is heaven’s perfect Lamb?

That sleeping child you’re holding is the great, I Am”.

Being the oldest of three children, I have seen my younger siblings grow up. When they were babies, I held my brother and sister loads of times. It seems surreal that when Mary held her baby, she was holding the Son of God. 

I hope everyone has a joyous Christmas season and continue to spread the love of God, especially to those who need it most.

Jenn Atkinson (age 14)