Advent Day 18
December 15, 2021 Creekwood United Methodist Church

Advent Day 18

Posted in Deep Thoughts

We asked some people at Creekwood to answer one of two questions:
“What is your favorite Christmas carol,
and what does it tell you about God?”
“How do you hear God speaking in the world today?”
We hope you find hope, love, joy, and peace as you hear God speak through these daily devotional reflections.
My favorite Christmas song is “O Holy Night.” I love that song because of the movie Home Alone. A children’s choir is singing that song and during that scene it shows two separate individuals coming into the church, alone, out of the cold to hear the beautiful singing. It shows me God wants us to share music with others, seek comfort in the warmth, you don’t need to be alone, and the connection we can have with others when we have a common interest or when we are enjoying the beauty in the world, whether a song, sunset, or puppy.
I felt God the other day when I was driving and a stranger held up traffic to let me pull out in front of her. It filled me with warmth and led me to want to do something nice for someone else. Little bits of humanity I can look for in my everyday life fill me with God’s love.
-Molly Collins