Advent Day 11
December 8, 2021 Creekwood United Methodist Church

Advent Day 11

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We asked some people at Creekwood to answer one of two questions:

“What is your favorite Christmas carol, and what does it tell you about God?”


“How do you hear God speaking in the world today?”

We hope you find hope, love, joy, and peace as you hear God speak through these daily devotional reflections.

I have been a music lover my entire life. Ever since I was a baby I have been surrounded by music. I love the intricacies of classical symphonies written centuries ago. I love the storytelling of musicals and operas. I love the talent similarities and style differences between The Beatles, Bon Jovi, and Beyonce.

So when it comes to Christmas music, I LOVE all the different types of music that are around us. I love the hymns we sing on Sunday mornings, the special Christmas albums artists release, and yes even the sillier Christmas songs like I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus or All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth. One of my favorite songs I have discovered over the past few years is Coming Home by the country group Sugarland.

The song has a very blues-inspired swinging beat that accompanies Jennifer Nettles’ country twang and incredible vocal riffs. However, it is the words of the song that I love the most. The song talks about going home for Christmas. When we go home for Christmas, some of us are seeing relatives we have not seen in a while, we catch up with what has been going on, and more importantly, we save seats at the table for everyone.

Here are some of the lyrics…

Well hello, it’s been a long time

And I want to know

What’s been going down

Since I been gone

And I’ll say, “I’m feeling strong

But it’s been too long”

So I wrote this song to say I miss you

And tell you I’m coming home

Momma, I’m coming home

Angels on high at the top of a tree

Stars in the sky shine away, I can see

Oh Momma, please leave a light on for me

Friends, no matter your family situation, you are welcome home at Creekwood UMC this Advent season. We will leave the light on and make space at the table for you. Just as Jesus made room for all in his ministry, we have room for everyone this Christmas. I hope you might join us for all of the upcoming events so that we might experience the magic of Christmas and the anticipation of Christ’s birth together.

Keri Lynn Lucas (Associate Pastor)