Will You Take The Time?
June 15, 2022 Creekwood United Methodist Church

Will You Take The Time?

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What happens when we “take the time?”

What happens when we take the time to find a good video on Amplify Media, study a little bit, and ask others in a small group the questions on our minds?

What happens is…a deep conversation about the nature of God, how we should respond, a few laughs along the way, and relationships being formed through vulnerability. Thanks, Bill Bradford for taking the time to lead. Thanks to all the others in small groups who took the time to explore with and support each other.

What happens when we take the time to drive to Florida, hang out with some teenagers, and worship God in an exciting way?

What happens is…authentic relationships are formed between God and the maturing young people, through the love we show them. Here’s Hannah Dollinger telling a little of why this Big Stuf trip was so meaningful to her:

Another way we saw “the time taken” as beneficial is in this note, written by graduating senior Sydney Stout to Pastor Katrina, as Katrina was recognized as one of only three adult leaders highlighted by the camp:

“To Kat: although I haven’t been apart of creekwood as long as some of the others In the youth ministry, I know I can say with a full heart that you were always in the background and that somewhere and somehow I was supposed to meet you. I am so grateful that you are a person in my life that I can know and trust and deepen my relationship with Christ. Without Katrina, I would have lost all hope and a relationship with christ. Kat you are the reason why I haven’t given up, you are the reason I can trust, you are the reason that I know there is a life not just with my peers but that there is life through believing in the power of Christ. To know you is to know the person I aspire to be. This isn’t goodbye but a see you later. You will always be someone I can confide in and thank your for not only being my leader but my friend.”

That’s what happens when we take the time to hang out with teenagers.

What happens when passionate adults take the time to provide an environment of energetic songs, meaningful scripture stories, yummy snacks, and lots of laughs?

What happens is…friendships made, 3rd graders telling me all about the “manna and the quail”, 5th and 6th graders telling me all about the “popcorn and the peeps,” and excited children yelling at the top of their lungs “GOD IS GREAT!”

Some people say money is the most precious possession, but I’m finding more and more that time is what people treasure the most. The question I would ask of all of us is, “what happens with the time you take?”

Are people uplifted?

Do you point towards the source of all good?

Does it bring people together?

Is God glorified?

I’d like to offer you a few ways to take some meaningful time, for you and for the mission of Christ through Creekwood:

For Yourself

  1. Read 2 good books. Let one be an escape to another world, just for fun. Let the other be a book on religion, spirituality, Jesus, or all of the above, for the comfort and the challenge.
  2. Find 3 times a day to pause, breathe, and both tell God what you need and tell God what you’re thankful for. Just for 30 seconds or a minute.
  3. Find a community of 6-12 people that come together on Sunday morning, over a meal, on a walk, or out for drinks that openly discuss their spiritual lives. Support each other, challenge each other, pray for each other, and serve each other. It sounds like one more commitment, but I promise you – it’s as much for you as anyone else.

For the Church

  1. See #3 in the previous section. The more people we have connected in meaningful communities, the more people get cared for, encouraged, and challenged – which helps the church fulfill its mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ. It doesn’t need to be Sunday morning. It doesn’t have to be strictly Bible study. But a meaningful community that is tending to our spiritual lives is vital to the church’s mission.
  2. Be a Greeter. We especially need greeters at the 8:30 and 9:45 hours at the door, at the children’s desk, and in the lobby. Let me know if you can hold open a door, smile, and say hello. But trust me, what you’re really doing is inviting people into the presence of God, one smile at a time.
  3. HANG OUT WITH YOUNG PEOPLE. I cannot stress enough how many stories from adults, now grown, who stress the importance of meaningful adults that helped make them the wonderful people they are today. I cannot stress enough, either, that while we wish for those same experiences to be present with our kids – it takes adults who are willing to give the time. If you’re looking around for who God is calling to head to Flordia, play basketball on Sunday night, share faith with young people, or do Mission Possible Kids once a month – it’s probably you that you’re looking for. Let Katrina, Donna, or Caitlin know.

Thanks for taking the time to read all the way through. And thanks for taking the time to pray about how you are using your time. And thanks for the time you give to the glory of God and furthering of God’s desired world.


David Lessner

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