Many Firsts
January 19, 2022 Creekwood United Methodist Church

Many Firsts

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My first memory of Creekwood goes way back to February of 2002. My husband and I were attending Custer Road UMC and decided to check out Creekwood. Our intention was to just visit Creekwood once in support of the new church but as we sat in the gym at Lovejoy that day we looked at one another and knew we had to be a part of the exciting beginning of Creekwood. Our children were ages 2 and 4 years at the time.

Trank Fam

That was just the first of many firsts for us at Creekwood. We were charter members of a start up church for the first time. Our kids experienced their first church Easter egg hunt and family picnic. They attended their first VBS. I served as a VBS leader for the first time in my life. My kids had their first Christmas at Creekwood celebration complete with a visit from Santa Claus and they got their first taste of “acting” in Christmas plays. We went on our first ever family mission trip to San Antonio and we had many more firsts as a family serving within our own community through Creekwood’s various missions. I led Bible studies for my first time, both for teenagers and adults. Rick drove a tractor for the first time at Fall Festivals. My kids unloaded about a million pumpkins off of trucks for the first time. I led children’s time for the first time ever and served on the board of trustees for the first time. I served on Creekwood’s staff – my first to ever officially have a job in ministry. What a variety of firsts throughout the past 20 years for our family!

There have been lots of firsts and many growth opportunities for me and my family over the last 20 years as Creekwood members. It’s scary to say yes to something you might not have ever done, but I’m convinced that if you open your heart to God’s directions, the blessings you reap are impossible to count. God has used me and my family as His hands and feet in ways we never would have imagined. If you find yourself in this position of facing something for the first time at Creekwood, I would encourage you to listen closely to God’s whispers. Say yes! You too can help share God’s love!

Molly Trank

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