The Best Of Memories And An Anniversary Gift
February 2, 2022 Creekwood United Methodist Church

The Best Of Memories And An Anniversary Gift

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It’s hard to believe all the memories we’ve collected when we only began visiting Creekwood right before the pandemic and joined the congregation online. Some of our best memories are either based on events held all over this beautiful property, or in ministries largely occurring inside the buildings or online.

We’ve had a ton of fun with our family at trunk-or-treat for 2 years now, helped our grandkids pick out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, and were inspired by our first visit to the live nativity this year. Seeing our granddaughter’s face illuminated by Christmas lights on the hayride across the pond was so inspiring.

The ministry we’ve probably enjoyed the most is our Sunday School class. It requires nothing of us but to show up, virtually hug others, and feel that love and support in return. And it really doesn’t cost anything, except for the whole lights, rent and HVAC thing. And what makes it so rich is each of you who show up in that space: the college “kid,” the retiree, and the parents enjoying a few minutes of conversation, laughter and prayer with other adults.

Other ministries we’ve enjoyed that require a bit more investment (but tons of reward) include media, music, and the open door special needs ministry. We’re still learning how to stream services for you without many distractions and it will get even better if you join us, and if we pool our resources to obtain the equipment needed to do it well. But first, I’d love to patch that little patch of torn ceiling over the choir, and paint the fence in front of the barn….

For that, I’d like to ask each of you a pretty easy favor. You can even consider it an anniversary gift! Whether you give $5 each week you attend or are blessed with much more, would you consider setting up that giving as an automated deduction, then consider increasing it as you get increases yourself? Just think about all the shared resources we could multiply if we’re able to maintain our giving when someone’s traveling for work , or enjoying a vacation with the kids.

Many of you are celebrating milestone anniversaries with the church known as Creekwood. I pray we can continue to gather together in this place to love God, love our neighbors, and loving ourselves by showing up and having that love returned to us.

Congratulations on the anniversary! We’re amazed at, and are enjoying the fruit of, all you (and we) have accomplished together.

Bill and Kathy Bradford


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