Lent Devotional – Appreciation
March 21, 2023 Creekwood United Methodist Church

Perceived Value - Deep Thoughts

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Appreciation For Those Around Me

I retired in 2009 after 38+ years with the JCPenney Co. Friends have asked me after I retired, would I do it all over again and what would I change the second time around. My answer? Nothing ..!!

Since retirement, I have had time to reflect on my early childhood. My parents God chose for me were such a blessing. They guided me along a path a young man could only dream of. Little League baseball, Life Saving swimming, Boy Scouts, Basketball, track, Boys State to name a few. They provided the support to send me to college and help start my career with the JCPenney Co.

What I remember the most are not necessarily all the events that took place, but the “People” God put in my path to help me succeed.

I reflect on how my parents influenced my life, my Sunday school teachers, my coaches, my scoutmaster, the school teachers and the many teammates along the way as a teenager.

As I moved into my career, the countless number of JCPenney associates I worked for and with that influenced me and made my career a success.

The first store manager I was assigned to with The JCPenney Company was the most influential manager of my career. He taught how to be a merchant and taught me about serving customers and the community. I can hear him now, “Take care of your customers and they will take care of you”. That philosophy was what made the Penney Company a successful 100 year old company. So, for my working years, I worked in a service oriented company that focused on service to the community.

After I retired in 2009, my mind was constantly filled with appreciation of all the people who had entered my life. I realized these fine people were a reflection of God’s plan for my life.

That plan continued when Toni and I joined Creekwood. Our lives were immediately blessed with a mission oriented church and church members who enjoyed doing God’s work of serving others in our community and internationally.

Each person, in their own way, has knocked on my door. I had a choice whether to let them into my life or not. Thankfully, I chose wisely.

Whenever I reflect on my purpose as a Christian, my go to scripture is Matthew 25: 31-40.

Friends and strangers will always be knocking at our door for either leadership for our lives or help with their own life. Remember those friends and strangers and pay it forward. They reflect God’s plan for your life.

Our key mission in life is to serve our fellow man, and when we do, Jesus will place us on the right hand of God and we will enter into His kingdom.

Mike Tuttle


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