Lent Devotional – Transparent
March 1, 2023 Creekwood United Methodist Church

Perceived Value - Deep Thoughts

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Daily Focus

I am in sales.

Did you just cringe? Think less of me? Close this email?

Even though I have chosen this for my career (long story from a degree in biology) I have almost the same gut reaction to phone numbers I don’t recognize when they pop up on my phone or my doorbell rings when I am not expecting it. When asked to describe what a salesperson is you are going to get jokes about used cars, sleezy, slimy or too persistent.

Boy looking to the right

What I have found for myself to add the most to my success in this type of role is also the same things that were instilled in me as a child being raised in the church. Act with integrity, speak the truth and just be a good person.

My belief in Jesus and having spent my formative years learning what He would do (WWJD bracelets are making a comeback) guide me every day in a mostly unconscious way. You will never hear me tell you yes just to make a sale, I am overly transparent about what our solution can and cannot do. You will never see me act in an ingenuine way to connect with a prospect and then am completely different to the next. My love for this role is building relationships and truly getting to know people and you cannot do that by altering who you are and then moving on.

In the same way I have told our high school youth my position on evangelism the few times I have volunteered with them, I try and live this out every day at both work and home. Lead your life in a way that people look at you and wonder, ‘what is different about her/him, how are they able to respond to this stress like that, I want to know more’.

Charlotte Smith

VP Sales at Vida Health

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Lent Daily Bible Reading Through the Gospel According to Luke

Today’s reading: Luke 3

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