Advent Day 9
December 6, 2021 Creekwood United Methodist Church

Advent Day 9

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We asked some people at Creekwood to answer one of two questions:

“What is your favorite Christmas carol, and what does it tell you about God?”


“How do you hear God speaking in the world today?”

We hope you find hope, love, joy, and peace as you hear God speak through these daily devotional reflections.

Our favorite Christmas carol was always “Silent Night” but in 2021 it is “Joy to the World.” There continues to be so much division in our communities today that it seems harder for our family and friends to move beyond that negativity we hear so often. It brings us comfort, peace, and joy that the real ruler of the world (God the Savior) reigns with truth, grace, and love. When we hear this song, it reminds us that God has not given up on humankind, and we shouldn’t either. Let’s “repeat the sounding joy…at the wonders of his love.”

We had to think about “where do we hear God speaking,” but then it occurred to us that – if we look and listen – we see God speaking and moving in the world today in all the little acts of kindness and meaningful moments we share: like opening a door and letting someone go in “first”; asking how someone is doing and listening to what they say; bringing a box of cookies to a neighbor just “because”; sharing a laugh together watching a child play; snuggling up with a pet playing games with our family; just being there to hold a hand! We may not see big miracles every day, but we can all certainly see God speaking and moving if we just stop to look and listen!

-Wil and Clara Bahner


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