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    261 Country Club Rd.
    Allen, TX 75002

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    • Sundays | 8:30am | Traditional Worship
    • Sundays | 11:00am | Contemporary Worship
    • Sundays | 9:45am | Small Groups for All Ages

Creekwood has the vision to inspire growth through scriptural education, relationship-based mission opportunities, and faith-centered fellowship, with the hope of leading hearts and minds to the love of Jesus Christ in an open, loving community. Education, mission and faith-centered fellowship form the foundation for our church; and we are committed to fostering a welcoming, authentic community.

We invite you to join us in growing deep roots to share God’s love.

Click here to review Creekwood's Strategic Emphases, as adopted by the Church Council.

A Bit About Our Own Roots...

Creekwood was formed in 2001 as a part of the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church Vision 2020.   Fourteen families (the Core Families) began to meet on Sunday evenings in September of 2001 to begin planning and visioning for a February 2002 kickoff.   First orders of business for Creekwood were obtaining the original 26 acres at the corner of Stacy Road and Country Club, where the church now sits, and signing a lease with Lovejoy Elementary to hold worship services.  The property, which included three houses and a barn (all still on the property today), gave Creekwood a unique advantage as there was immediate space for offices, ministry, and events.  

In November of 2001, the fourteen Core Families began hosting in-home group meetings to invite other families in the Fairview/Lucas/Allen/Parker/McKinney area to be a part of the vision and kickoff of Creekwood. The first event held on our property was Christmas at Creekwood 2001, with over 100 people in attendance.  

After many months of planning and tireless efforts by the fourteen Core Families and the families that joined them, Creekwood held its first worship service in the Lovejoy Elementary Gym on February 10, 2002, with 335 people in attendance. Over the next year, with regular worship attendance in the Lovejoy gym, over 9 active small groups meeting on a regular basis  and events such as the Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Vacation Bible School held on the new property, Creekwood was granted an official charter as a United Methodist Church on January 19, 2003, with 100 member families. 

Today, Creekwood has grown to a 1000+ member congregation.  The vision of the Founding Families remains in place with our impassioned commitment to providing our community with opportunities for scriptural learning, community service, and meaningful fellowship.  A nod to our roots, we enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with our neighbor, Lovejoy Elementary, where our congregation worshipped for over six years, through shared meeting space and community enhancement collaboration.  Some of those very same events served to seed our church including an annual Easter Egg Hunt, Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival, open and welcoming small groups. We hope you will join us.