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    261 Country Club Rd.
    Allen, TX 75002

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    • Sundays | 8:30am | Traditional Worship
    • Sundays | 11:00am | Contemporary Worship
    • Sundays | 9:45am | Small Groups for All Ages

Please contact one of the staff to find out more about this initiative. Each One; Reach One kicks off on August 11, 2019.

0.1 - Invite someone to worship 1/10th of this ministry year (5 times)


  • Someone invited a person to become part of the church choir
  • Someone helped another person to understand baptism. That person was later baptized

1 - Pay off 1 land note

  • We are thankful for those who had the foresight to purchase the original 16 acres of property for our church
  • It is important for the church and for the city of Fairview to have a green space in the area where everyone can enjoy

10 - Host 10 Community-Building and Outreach Events

  • The Live Nativity offered each year around Christmas
  • The Spring and Fall Festivals open to the community
  • The Pumpkin Patch offering supplies for the holidays

100 - Have 100 new people participate in small groups

  • The addition of new Sunday School classes for different demographics
  • Studies offered at different times of the year covering deep topics

1,000 - Influence 1,000 young people in our community and beyond

  • Members of our congregation who have gone on to work towards ending Sex Trafficking
  • Kids who have now grown and are raising their families in this community of faith
  • Those of us who have been called to ministry due to mentoring
  • How teachers in our community have impacted those around us

10,000 - Serve a combined 10,000 hours as a congregation in our church, community, and beyond

  • Service to Cornerstone Ranch
  • Ability to house people from Family Promise
  • Helping teachers prepare for each school year through Harper's Helpers and Harper Apple Tree
  • Coordinated work with Lovejoy Elementary School
  • Our work with Young Men's Service League
  • Those who help seniors and others with home repairs

100,000 - As a congregation, give $100,000 in missions this ministry year

  • Our work with ZOE Ministries
  • The difference we are making at Harper Elementary School
  • The impact we are having at Cornerstone Ranch

Video Updates for Each One; Reach One: