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    261 Country Club Rd.
    Allen, TX 75002

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    • Sundays | 8:30am | Traditional Worship
    • Sundays | 11:00am | Contemporary Worship
    • Sundays | 9:45am | Small Groups for All Ages
wHERE Is God?

wHERE Is God?

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wHERE Is God?April 19, 2020

During this pandemic, we have had to re-imagine life from all of our normal routines, and with disruption often comes anxiety and questions. But, this isn’t the first time humanity has had to readjust, and not the first time we’ve been isolated. People have often sought God in difficult times, and over and over again we’ve found that God is right here with us.

In This Series

1 wHERE is God during a World-Wide Disaster?April 19  |  Rev. David Lessner

2 wHERE is God When We've Had Enough?April 26  |  Rev. David Lessner

3 wHERE is God in Temptation?May 3  |  Rev. David Lessner

4 wHERE Is God When No One Sees You?May 10  |  Rev. David Lessner

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