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Christianity and World Religions Sermon Series

Christianity and World Religions Sermon Series

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Christianity and World Religions Sermon SeriesApril 23, 2017

This series explores information, including similarities and differences, between the most common faith traditions in order to know more about who we are, what our message is, and to move to a more peaceful world. Topics will include: Atheism, Agnostics, and Free Thinkers; Hinduism; Buddhism; Islam; Judaism; and Christianity.

In This Series

1 Atheists, Agnostics, and Free ThinkersApril 23

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2 HinduismApril 30

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3 BuddhismMay 7

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4 BuddhismMay 14

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5 "Judaism"May 21  |  Sean McCaffity

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6 ChristianityMay 28

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