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Altar-Nate Realities

Altar-Nate Realities

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Altar-Nate Realities March 6, 2019

Sometimes we need a vision or visionary to show us what the world COULD look like. Many credit George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, and others for introducing us to fictional alternate realities that help us see what COULD be possible in our world, either as a warning or an inspiration. The same exists in the parables of Jesus, as Jesus gives a fictional spin to our world, allowing us to see what the world COULD look like if we grow closer to God’s presence and God’s desired world. This Lenten season we will explore what our lives COULD look like, with practices and lessons designed to bring us closer to God’s altar, as we bow down to God’s world more than our own.

In This Series

1 "The Twi-Lent Zone"March 6

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2 "Darn, Dirty Apes"March 17  |  Rev. David Lessner

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3 "Boldly Going Where No One Has Gone Before"March 24  |  Rev. David Lessner

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4 "The Chamber of Conceit-crets"March 31  |  Rev. David Lessner

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5 "The Force Awakens"April 14  |  Rev. David Lessner

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6 "Back to the Future"April 21  |  Rev. David Lessner

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