Did you know that Creekwood has a Meals Ministry?

It is a subset of our Congregational Care Team.  Nothing formal.  Nothing fancy.  No training is needed.  The members of our team are simply on standby to make a meal when asked when they are able.  Most often, our team members are given many days’ notice of a meal need.

Do you like to cook?

Maybe you have a Pinterest page full of recipes you’ve been wanting to make. Maybe you have just one other person to cook for so you put off making those special meals you love thinking there will be too much leftover.  Or, maybe you simply love to cook and those you love can only eat so much…..

Join the Meals Ministry!

We’ll put you on the list and you’ll be offered the chance to share your gifts.

Not a good time for you?  Just say so!  There is no obligation.

As a member, you’ll be alerted to food needs; help when you can.

Interested? Ready to be a part of the group?

Contact Sheryl Koelker.