Family Ministries

Creekwood Family Ministry

Family Ministry is just what you might think it means.

It’s events and programming for the whole family.

Whether you have an infant or a senior in High School, this will be where you find information.

You’ll also find information about programs and events for adults that are coordinated around youth programming and Creekwood+.

Family Ministry Events

Family Ministry Events will include gatherings designed for families.

The focus for the month of Mar-Apr during Lent is:

  • Lent Prayers & Service

You can find out the details for the focus area on the Events Page.

Student Ministries

Our Youth Ministry program is designed to provide our students with means to grow in their knowledge of scripture, fellowship with other students in a Christ-focused environment and serve their community through meaningful, impactful mission work.  Our ministry covers students from 5th through 12th grade. (See our Children’s Ministry section for 4th graders and below.)

Middle School Ministry

Intermediate and middle school students are a unique group.  They’re “too old” for children’s activities but really don’t relate to high school issues of dating, driving, and college prep either.

Middle schoolers need their own space and their own small groups to explore and develop their own faith in their own way.  And they need leaders who love them every step of the way.

Children’s Ministry

Creekwood Children’s Ministry is excited to resume in-person Sunday school for children in grades Kindergarten through 4th grade, April 11 with a hybrid environment. Virtual and in-person children will meet together at the beginning of our time for Bible stories, videos, games, and more. Kids will then break into groups; virtual and in-person, to continue the learning through games and activities. We need adult volunteers for both virtual and in-person Sunday school. Please contact Allison Hicks to find out more.

Pre School Ministry

The curriculum is Christ-centered, appropriate, and a fun hands-on developmental learning experience for children. Children enjoy singing, listening to Bible stories, making crafts.

We offer a welcoming, nurturing, and safe place for your child. We want your child to feel secure and loved while learning of God’s grace. While you are attending worship and/or Sunday School, the staff and volunteers will be sharing God’s love with your child through pictures, stories, songs, and playful interaction

Family Ministries Team

CreekwoodUMC - Katrina Smith

Katrina Smith

Associate Pastor
Family Ministries
(Student Ministries)

CreekwoodUMC - Donna Bartholomew

Donna Bartholomew

Director of
Middle School Ministries

CreekwoodUMC - Allison Hicks

Allison Hicks

Director of
Children’s Ministries

CreekwoodUMC - Caitlyn Maxwell

Caitlin Maxwell

Director of
Pre-School Ministries