Advent 2022: Community
December 10, 2022 Creekwood United Methodist Church

Perceived Value - Deep Thoughts

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Do We Love Like Jesus?

For those new to Creekwood, each Advent we invite a mixture of staff and laity of all ages to bless us with their devotional thoughts to a specific question. You’ll notice we are starting at “Day 2” because Day 1 was Sunday, and the message can be experienced in worship (in person and online). I hope these devotionals bless you each day, and help you envision the presence of Christ fully into your life.

The question this year:

“What do you think of when you hear the expression ‘Kingdom of God'”

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Back in 2017, I had just started working for a global Christian ministry. My co-workers were from all around the world and we all communicated digitally across distance, time zones, and many cultural differences. Not long after I joined in 2018 the organization was having its quadrennial global conference in Malaysia.

I will always remember that trip and the feeling it left me with. This is what heaven would be like. I just had a sneak peak.

At this conference we spent everyday and every night together with coworkers from over 25 difference countries. We ate, played games, stayed up late, adventured, explored, worshiped, and collaborated for a week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From the moment we walked in, people were hugging and greeting each other; you could hear, “it’s so great to finally meet you,” and, “I’ve heard so much about you,” or, “here, I want you to meet __, they work on our team.” We were all welcome, whether we’d worked there for a few months or for decades.

If you had the conference badge on, anyone in the hallways might stop you and introduce themselves. There was an energy you could feel in the air – something I’ve never felt before. We were all there for the same reason; our mission was to spread His word in every language and every nation. And, we weren’t just talking about doing it; we were seeing the impact of bringing people into His Kingdom.

That feeling of community and oneness – even with those we haven’t known long, the belonging, the warmth, the joy, even though none of us were in a familiar place. That’s the Kingdom of God, that’s what God values, and that is what I think heaven will be like.

Alise Rekieta

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