Volunteer Positions

All choosing to participate in the program will serve as volunteers.  Both men and women are welcome.

Will process requests, determine property ownership and obtain approval, if required, from owner. Forwards requests to the Project Manager.

Project Manager
Reviews requests to ensure they are in compliance with the mission.  Will prepare work order, determine supplies and tool needs, and obtains any specialty tools not available through a volunteer.  Determines the best volunteers for the job and schedules the project with the client. 

Will review "Home Visits by Volunteers" prior to departing to insure compliance.  Performs work as listed on the work order.  Reviews finished work with the client and takes photographs, if permitted.  Returns completed work order to Clerical. 

Will store all documents for each project.  Provides a cost of materials purchased or rented to CUMC Business Office.

Community Outreach
Prepares and distributes newsletter and other publicity as required. 

A volunteer application is required of all.  Volunteer applications from any age group will be considered.  Volunteers do not have to be a member of Creekwood UMC to be considered for participation but must complete the volunteer application and are subject to the requirements listed on the form.