Meeting Information                                                                                                                     

Meeting Purpose:

Reporting and Visioning






6:30 pm










  • Opening Prayer (5) – John offered the opening prayer. 

Pastor John

  • Words of Welcome – John called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. and welcomed everyone.
  • Attending:  Annmarie Barajas, Donna Bartholomew, Dwayne Dohmann, Lesley Donalson, Randy Edwards, Helen Fendley, David Lessner, Wendy McConney, Sandy McKinney, Sue Jarvis, Jay Munson, Rusty Nickols, Jared Phares, Jason Potts, John Sipes, Julie Stelly, John Thornton, Molly Trank, Jessica Tullos 

John S.

  • Approval of 1/30/2017 Minutes (5) – Annmarie Barajas             made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 30, 2017 Church Council meeting.  Molly Trank seconded the motion; there was no further discussion.  The vote to approve the minutes was unanimous. 

John S.

  • Chair Reports (10) –
    Molly Trank was excited to have 70 people already signed up to attend The Shack summer Bible study.
    Jessica Tullos reported that the Easter festival was a huge success with close to 2,000 people attending.
    Helen Fendley reported raising over $20,000 for missions.  The congregation continues to be extremely generous and supportive.


David/John S.

  • Finance Report (10) –  Jason Potts reported that the financial outlook continues to be strong and contributions are generous.  Rusty closed the April books with just under $19,000 in surplus for the year.  The finance committee had previously reported exploring an option of paying interest only on the outstanding debt for a period up to 3 years.  Beginning with the May payment, interest only will be paid.  This will allow flexibility for timing differences between receipt of pledges and construction costs.  Between $390,000 and $400,000 in building campaign pledges have been received to date.  Jason P. will address the Board of Trustees desire to have a reserve in the 2018 budget.

Jason Potts

  • Building Campaign Update (5) – Julie Stelly reported the building committee had selected an architect and is very close to consensus on design.  The overall square footage of the building has increased from 9,500 to 11,000.  Classroom size and number has also increased.  Subcommittees have been very effective at making the decision process efficient.  The design should be ready to be presented to the congregation soon along with a reminder of pledges.  Randy Edwards presented the building renderings and said everything is on track to finish the plans this summer with constructions bids by the end of the summer.  It should take 9-10 months for construction with completion by Fall 2018.

Julie Stelly/Randy Edwards

  • Update on upcoming Mission opportunities (5) – Helen Fendley spoke about Change the World Weekend and the need for volunteers for assembly of food bags for ACO.  Annmarie is requesting that everyone sign up to volunteer for at least one item.  The goal is 550 bags and there will also be a card preparation station for children in the hospital, and a blood drive.  A replacement shed has also been purchased.  Annmarie and Jared are excited to have 2 summer interns to help with missions.

Annmarie Barajas

  • Pastor’s Report (15) and Q&A Time – David commented that the church is on a great upward trajectory and is on the brink of excellence.  Conflicts that have come up have been great learning opportunities.  The vision from the leaders of the children’s and youth ministries has been exciting.  Creekwood has its own identity and DNA and isn’t trying to be something it isn’t.

Wendy asked that everyone pray for VBS.  Several volunteers are still needed and we need to remember that VBS is about planting seeds in the children to learn about the love of Jesus.

Pastor David

  • Next Council Meeting: August 28, 2017 6:30pm (1)

John S.

  • Closing Prayer (5) – David offered the closing prayer.

Pastor David

  • Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

John S.