1.  Why are we thinking about expanding our church now?   We are very geographically dispersed as a congregation currently.  We have groups all over our 27-acre property and some meeting in Lovejoy Elementary.  This is not ideal as many of us never get a chance to meet other members that are in other Sunday school classes or worship services, and some struggle with childcare proximity.  We have interests for new small groups, Bible studies and fellowship gathers but cannot accommodate this growth. 

2.  What will the campaign fund if we meet our $2,000,000 goal?  With complete funding, we will build a 9000 square-foot, two-story building just west of the sanctuary.  The new building will house our nursery and preschool through 4th grade Sunday school classes.  Additionally, one area will be designed to serve as a large meeting space for events like VBS, retreats, church-wide celebrations and more or, with easy subdividing features including modular walls, the space can be converted into smaller classrooms. 

3. What is next if we exceed $2,000,000 in campaign collections? Funds raised above $2,000,000 would be used to remodel the current Children’s Center into the permanent home for our youth and to pay off the $ 180,000 land debt.

4. How and when will I get my 2017 stewardship/operating budget/gifts of time form and 2017-2019 capital campaign pledge cards?  Both the stewardship/operating budget/gift of time form and the 2017-2019 Capital Campaign card will be mailed out the week of November 7.  You can turn them in at any time, however we will hold Commitment Sunday on November 20 where members will be invited to come up front during worship to turn in their forms/cards for a blessing.   If, for whatever reason, you do not receive your form or card, you can pick one up at the Welcome Desk in the Gathering Area beginning Sunday, November 13.  

5. How is this capital campaign pledge card different from the annual stewardship/operating budget/gifts of time form I complete annually?  The annual stewardship/operating budget/gifts of time form is for 2017 for you to share your commitment to Worship, Small Groups, Service and your 2017 estimate of giving to the ministry budget of Creekwood.  The Growing Roots capital campaign pledge card is for the building project and covers a three-year giving period.  You are free to pay your commitment all at once or over time.   Is it important that capital campaign commitments are above and beyond the estimate of giving indicated on the annual stewardship/operating budget/gifts of time form.  

6. What is a First Fruit Offering?  “First Fruits Offering” refers to the initial gifts families will make to toward fulfilling their Growing Roots capital campaign pledge.   The First Fruits Offering will take place on Sunday December 11, during which some families will give their full pledge, while others will choose to participate by making an initial gift toward their pledge. 

7. Who are the architects?  Following the pledge campaign, the Building Committee will resume their meetings with the initial task of hiring an architectural firm to complete the construction documents. 

8. When will we break ground? Based on pledge totals and the formal approval of the Church Council to enlist the services of an architectural firm to design the new building, we estimate that we could break ground on a new building as early as August 2017.   This would allow enough time for construction documents to be finished and a formal bid package to be completed by construction companies.

 9. Who can answer additional questions I have about the campaign?  The building campaign co-chairs Julie Stelly and Jim Genrich, and the building team staff members David Lessner, John Thornton and Rusty Nickols are all available to answer questions.