Explorer Summer Sunday school witll begin June 3 to August 5. The classes will be broken into 2 groups. Kindergarten thur 2nd grade and grades 3-4. 

June: Slimed!

Sometimes in life it feels like we’ve been slimed! Sometimes it’s because of decisions we make, sometimes it's from decisions others make that hurt us. Through the life of Jacob, kids will learn that when we stick to God, He can make something beautiful out of any slimy situation.

JULY 1, 8, 15: Experiments in Faith 

Science + Bible Lessons! - We Can Trust God! The Bible is full of stories of people who have shown incredible faith in God. Kids will learn about these examples of faith as well as learn some cool science experiments to help them remember each story.

July 22, 29 & August 1:  Building Faith Brick By Brick

The children get to use Lego pieces to tell Bible stories. The children love recreating the Bible stories with the Lego pieces! We will be doing some stories from the Old and New Testament.

Summer Explorer Sunday school teachers  are needed.  Click here to volunteer