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K-4th Graders
Meets 4th Sunday of the month during the school year
9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

Mission Possible Kids is a Children's Program to empower kids to change the world through helping others! The focus is on kids acting as "special agents doing God's work," and it makes the work fun! We love for your child to wear an MP kids t-shirt on the 4th Sunday of every month when we have Mission Possible kids. All those who wish to participate will be getting their first star to put on their t-shirt for this past Sunday's mission. Every time a MP kids completes a mission they receive a star. The cost of the t-shirts are $10.00. You can pay by cash or check. The check would be made out to Creekwood UMC and in the memo please write "MPKIDS t-shirt Click on this link to sign up for a t-shirt for your child.

MP Kids Mission For The Month



"Along with his fellowship offering of thanksgiving he is to present an offering with cakes of bread made with yeast." Leviticus 7:13 (NIV)
"Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he (Jesus) gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then he gave them to his disciples to set before the people." Mark 6:41 (NIV)

In the first reference verse, God has asked Moses to teach the people how to give offerings to God in thanks for all the many blessings given to them.
The cakes they made back then wouldn't be exactly like the kind of cakes we bake now, but it does make you wonder if maybe God can appreciate sweet things sometimes, too.              
In the second verse Jesus is showing those around him both how to give thanks for our food as well as the importance of sharing what we have with others. God took what was offered and made sure that everyone had enough. If we remember to offer what we have, God can accomplish amazing things through all that we do, just as he multiplied the fishes and loaves in this story.

So Agents here is a look at what we will be doing:

  • We will be decorating grocery bags with a Thanksgiving theme.
  • We will be making  Thanksgiving place mats to put into the Grocery bags.
  • We will be making fabric pumpkin table centerpieces  to put into the Grocery bags. 
  • We will place our food items into our bags ready to give to families.  

Ms. Wendy will supply all the items we need to make these crafts. 


Select a few items to bring for the Thanksgiving dinner bags.

Contact Wendy with any questions.