Summer Sunday School Is Here!
We like to give our school-year Explorer Sunday school teachers a much-deserved summer break, AND we like to give members of our congregation the chance to have the experience of being a Sunday school teacher.  We guarantee lots of laughs, lots of hugs and arguably the strongest sense of accomplishment you're gonna get on any given weekend. 

We combine our classes for the summer (kindergarten through 4th grade in the same class) and we do a lot of FUN summer curriculum. The first half of the summer we'll be doing science-based "Experiments in Faith." The Bible is full of stories of people who have shown incredible faith in God.  Kids will learn about these examples of faith as well as learn some cool science experiments to help them remember each story. 

The second half of the summer we're bringing back our ever-popular Lego Faith Building program.  During these sessions, the children get to use Lego pieces to tell Bible stories.

Sounds like fun? This year we're making it easier to commit to days that will work around your summer travel and family commitments.  Though we like to have the teacher role constant for at least two-week segments, it's not necessary. Teachers' helpers can sign up for one week, a few weeks, all summer...  Take a look at the sign ups in the links below and pick your days.

 CLICK HERE to sign up for the teacher role.   

 CLICK HERE to sign up to be a teacher's helper.  

Contact Wendy McConney with any questions.  Let's have some summer fun and make a difference in the lives of our children.


Creekwood Children's Ministry is an adventure in faith where God comes "F.I.R.S.T."

Our mission is for children to:

Become a part of God's FAMILY,
to teach them to IMITATE Christ, 
to help them RECOGNIZE their spiritual gifts and use them to serve others,
to SURRENDER their lives to God, and
to TELL children in their community about Jesus Christ.

The Children’s Ministry of Creekwood believes that it is important to work with parents from birth to adolescence. We believe that what happens at home is as important as what happens at church. Our goal is to combine forces and to work with parents so that each child will become a disciple of Jesus with a faith that shapes them well beyond their years in Explorers Sunday School.