Sunday Mornings at 9:00 a.m.

  • Agape Class
    Leaders: Lyndsey Lessner & Kelly Oleson
    Adults of various ages and stages joining together to dig into scripture.
    Contact: Lyndsey Lessner
  • Faithworks Class,
    Leaders: Lauralee Campbell and Linda Pitts
    A Reconciling Group for single and married adults with grown children studying God’s word, discussing ways to make it relevant in our lives, and implementing it with works.
    Contact: Lauralee Campbell 
  • Identification Class
    Leaders:  Jim and Sara Genrich
    Made up of parents of high school and college aged students studying a variety of relevant topics.
    Contact:  Sara Genrich sara@configuration

Sunday Mornings at 10:15 a.m.

  • L.I.F.E. – Living in Faith Every Day
    Leader: Mike Tinghitella
    This group has people of all ages and stages of life in it. They have a common interest in studying and discussing scriptural verses directly from the Bible.
    Contact: Mike Tinghitella
  • Celebration Class
    Leaders: Various class members
    Seniors having fun learning and living the Bible.
    Contact: George Lark 
    You are invited to join the Celebration Sunday school class for studies by David Jeremiah, Adam Hamilton, Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, Max Lucado and others. Join in Sing Along Sundays, participate in Biblical Skits (or watch if acting isn't your thing), enjoy guest speakers and social events and more.
  • Empty Nesters: 
    Leader: L. Michael Mints
    Single and married, men and women, who have raised their children and are interested in fellowship and growing together in faith.
    Contact: L. Michael Mints
  • Faith and Friends
    Leaders: Jeremy Dalluge and Bridget Adell
    This Biblically-based class seeks to study the Bible and apply its teachings to their daily lives through shared discussion, service, social events and spiritual growth for parents. It is self-led with discussion welcomed and encouraged.
    Contact:Jeremy Dalluge 
  • Perspectives
    Leaders:Jay Bartholomew
    Bible story discussion group for all ages
    Contact: Jay Bartholomew 
  • Wesley
    Leader: Hugh Brown
    Parents of middle school and high school children with varied study series
    Contact: Hugh Brown   
  • The N.E.S.T (Nurture, Encourage, Strength, Together)
    Leaders:  Various leaders and guest speakers
    Young families with small children sharing experiences and looking to the Bible for guidance in growing their families spiritually.  Contact:  Liz Goertz

Sunday Mornings at 11:30 a.m.

  • Journey Class
    Leader: Lance Robinson
    Parents with young children seeking to strengthen their spiritual walk together and become better parents, spouses and faithful Christians. Contact: Lance Robinson